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Xyratex ClusterStor – Ultimate in HPC, Big Data and Cloud Storage Solutions

Xyratex has taken its 25 years experience in designing and delivering enterprise class storage, along with the Lustre® high performance file system, to create ClusterStor, an integrated HPC storage solution family of products. Designed to provide unmatched file system performance and ease of use, ClusterStor provides the HPC industry’s highest levels in integrated solution reliability, availability, and serviceability.

Featuring easy to deploy modular building blocks with end to end seamless management, ClusterStor solutions are ideally suited to serve the ever-expanding HPC data storage marketplace and emerging Big Data and Cloud computing environments.

ClusterStor Architecture
Lustre is the front running file system for the top HPC systems in the world and is continuing to gain momentum as organizations such as OpenSFS invest heavily in its future. ClusterStor’s software architecture tightly integrates Lustre into a performance and capacity optimized solution that removes headaches associated with deploying, managing and maintaining traditional Lustre environments using off the shelf components from different vendors.


ClusterStor™ 1500 – Departmental Scale-Out Storage

Best ROI Acceleration, Performance and Value.

Purpose built to satisfy data intensive department level compute cluster needs, ClusterStor 1500 is designed to provide best in class scale-out storage for middle tier high performance computing environments. The ClusterStor 1500 solution features scale-out storage building blocks, the Lustre® parallel filesystem and a comprehensive management platform that eliminates the guesswork usually associated with building and optimizing your own HPC storage solution.

Architected with state of the art modular efficiency and optimization, ClusterStor 1500 provides unmatched seamless integration of high availability scale-out storage building blocks, which reduces hardware complexity and increases reliability, availability and serviceability. This not only yields unprecedented levels in performance and affordability within a truly compact foot print; ClusterStor 1500 delivers best in class superior ROI acceleration to department level environments.

ClusterStor 1500 overcomes legacy data storage bottlenecks which have constrained research and development departments across a myriad of academic, government and commercial industries, who are seeking enhanced productivity, faster job completion and increased data accuracy and resolution from their applications.


  • Departmental leading performance up to 110GB/s and raw capacity up to 7.3 PB, powered by Lustre® the industry’s most flexible high performance open source parallel file system
  • Deployment in hours, not weeks. When on site, the systems require only physical installation and simple setup steps, allowing users to be productive and realize the value from their investment immediately
  • Compact footprint architected with state –of-the-art modular efficiency and optimization, reducing hardware complexity while increasing reliability, availability and serviceability
  • ClusterStor Manager, a comprehensive system management application that consolidates management of the entire storage infrastructure, RAID data protection layer, operating system and Lustre into a single-pane-of-glass, easy-to-use, administrator interface
  • Proactive and comprehensive storage solution support to assist customer setup and install and maximize investment protection

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